In the U.S., more than 2 in 3 households have a pet; that means nearly 393 million pets nationwide. So many companies have made people products for pets to make customers feel more positive, trusting, and loyal. Casper noticed that customers’ dogs really loved their new mattresses, so they adapted their design into a dog bed.

Many stores are also pet-friendly and others even have extra items on the menu specifically for customers’ pets. Bass Pro Shops celebrates “Dog Days” each spring with free pet portraits, grooming demos, and more. Starbucks has the puppuccino, a small cup filled with whipped cream. Welcoming pets can show that you value their pets as much as their owners do and could unlock a new contingent of loyal customers.

People are willing to spend a lot on their pets. In 2018, Americans spent $72 billion on their pets; that’s $1,300 per pet parent. People are also willing to sacrifice eating out, taking a vacation, and even saving for retirement for our pets.

Find out more about making your business pet-friendly and its benefits here.

How Pets Can Power Up Your Business 1


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