In the first 4 months of 2019, there were 764 cases of the measles illness across 23 states, that’s more cases than any year since 1994. But in order to fight the disease, let’s look at some history of the measles first.

Way back in 1657, measles was first documented in Boston, Massachusetts. But by the 1960’s up to 4 million Americans in the US were being infected each year.  In 1963 the first measles vaccine was introduced but instead of helping it only made things worse. But in 1971 the MMR vaccine was introduced and, with this vaccine being widely distributed, measles was eliminated from the US.

Measles might be making a comeback with nearly 500 cases in New York City alone, and in May 2019, 318 people were quarantined on a Scientology cruise ship after a crew member was diagnosed with measles.

But people and large companies are fighting against the measles. Find out how others are responding and how you can help end this crisis here.

Stopping The Measles Outbreak Before It Becomes An Epidemic 1


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