While school is incredibly important for a child’s education and development, so is their life outside of formal education.  Extracurricular activities keep your child active and imaginative. By engaging in an activity outside of their regular workday, their mind stays engaged, and they learn self-expression.


It’s not always easy to find something that will capture and hold your child’s attention, however.  You may have to try out several different activities before something sticks. However, once you do find something that they have a passion for, it can completely transform their lives.

If you’ve been looking into different ideas for extracurricular activities, here are some that you may want to consider.


Learning to play the piano takes a considerable amount of patience in the beginning. However, with enough dedication, it can transform into a lifelong passion.

Playing the piano encourages eye and hand coordination, which is shown to improve cognitive development.  It’s also a great form of self-expression. Children who show creative promise may have great success in playing music.

Team Sports

Team sports are a great way to teach your child to be a team player.  Camaraderie and a sense of belonging is a fantastic way to boost your child’s self-esteem.

There is a great sense of pride in winning.  However, there are also excellent lessons to be learned from losing too.  Aside from emotional benefits, sports also keep them active and involved in a healthy lifestyle.

Girl/Boy Scouts

The Boys and Girls Scouts of America is a well-respected association with plenty of history.  Its mission is to teach service to the community by helping others.

In addition to serving their community, children are also encouraged to learn basic skills.  They’ll learn everything from manners to how to navigate the woods. They preach personal responsibility and offer a sense of belonging.  It’s a fantastic way to set your child up for life in society as adults.


If your child has always loved jumping into a big body of water, then you might as well make it a regular habit.  Swimming is a fantastic form of exercise and highly competitive.

It teaches children to connect body and mind while strengthening the core muscles of the body. It’s also a useful life skill.  It’s a great relief for parents to know that their child knows how to stay afloat if they should ever fall into water.


Dancing is a chance for even the most introverted of children to get out there and shine.  The wonderful thing about dance is that there are so many different forms to choose from.

Your child may find that one form of dance appeals to them more than another.  It may take trying out a few different styles for them to find their niche, however, once they find it, you’ll know!


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