Opioids are a growing concern in the US; 2 out of every 3 human resource professionals say that their workplace has been or will be impacted by the rise of prescription drug abuse. In order to fight back against opioids, we must fully understand them.

Opioids are split up into 4 main categories: natural, such as morphine, semi-synthetic, such as oxycodone, synthetic, such as tramadol, and illegal such as heroin. Euphoria-inducing properties of these drugs can offer a safe-haven from physical or mental pain.

In the US, more than half of employers believe prescription abuse is a worse crisis than illegal drug use. Opioids in the workplace can lead to more missed days of work on average, and more mishaps than the average worker. Many people don’t have the required skills or just aren’t comfortable enough to even deal or try to help those that are addicted.

Find out how employers can help put an end to this crisis here.

How Can Employers Help Stop The Opioid Crisis? 1


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