Plastic surgery isn’t only a costly process, but it also takes a significant toll on your body.  In order to ensure that you make a full recovery, you need to follow your surgeon’s orders. Whether they tell you what to eat or what to avoid, you should follow their instructions religiously.  Just like any surgery your body needs time to recover following the procedure.

Failing to allow your body to recover completely could result in severe complications,  and in some cases, even death. Therefore, if you have recently had plastic surgery, or are planning on it in the near future, here are some of the things you should refrain from doing.

Taking Anti-Inflammatories

After your procedure is done, your surgeon will instruct you to avoid anti-inflammatory medications at all costs. The reason for this is medicines which have anti-inflammatory properties may increase the risk for complications.  

In addition to avoiding anti-inflammatory medications, you should be cautious with drugs of all sorts. Always check with your surgeon before taking anything which you feel may pose as a risk to your health.  

This includes over-the-counter medicines as well as vitamins.  When it comes to your body, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Sun Exposure

Avoiding the sun is crucial following surgery.  In order for your results to be a success, you all heat and sun exposure.  Your surgical scars should be kept out of the sun for at least a year following your surgery.

The reason for this is because the sun and heat are known to cause increased inflammation.  If you are experiencing swelling after surgery, it may help to apply an ice compress periodically.  

If you want your surgery to his leave to leave as little marks as possible, then you want to avoid swelling.


Although having a nice shower is always refreshing, you need to wait at least two days after cosmetic surgery before showering.   Getting your incision wet may increase the risk of infection. Therefore it’s vital that you avoid getting wet until the initial 48 hour period has passed.

Go In a Hot Tub

For many people, it may seem logical that if you can’t shower, you can’t go in a hot tub either. However, you’d be surprised by the number of people that fail to understand this logic.  You should avoid swimming or going in a hot tub for at least six weeks following your surgery. In some cases, your doctor may instruct you to wait even more time. Depending on your prior medical history, your recovery plan may vary compared to other people.

Strenuous Activity
Even though you may be anxious to get back to the gym after your surgery, you must be very careful.   Doing anything which requires strenuous effort could result in opening your incision site and causing internal bleeding.


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