Employers! Employee Health And Wellbeing Matters Too

The responsibility for overseeing your employees is no longer limited to monitoring whether they; get to work on time, put the hours in and get the job done. With an increase in mental health awareness and the impact of work on people, as an employer, you have a responsibility, a duty of care if you will to protect and care (to an extent) for your employees while they work.

Taking a stance to express your concerns for your worker’s health and safety in the workplace could help to improve their health and well being, and also improve employee performance.

You might be wondering why and how this benefits you, and your business. Usually, a happy and comfortable workforce means employee atmosphere and morale improves, productivity rises, employees wish to stay with your company, and people will compete to work for your business giving you the opportunity to cherry pick the most talented/skilled and qualified of them all


Plants and small trees that are accustom to the indoors embody multiple purposes that can improve the health and wellbeing of you and your employees. Such as exchanging polluted and stuffy air in the workplace with oxygen, relieving stress and anxiety and being a visually appealing aspect for any workspace. You could perhaps encourage your employees to bring an indoor plant or shrub they like to put on their work station. Or Alternatively, invest in a bunch of plants to place around your business premises.


Trying to adhere to the needs of multiple people with diverse interests is challenging when working in an open office space. Some like the window open, others shut, some like the blinds apart, others tilted. If your window space needs upgrading, in consideration of your employees think about installing UV Window Tinting, to protect the workers from harmful UV rays which can cause sunburn and in the worst-case scenario cancer. Tinted window films, also help to provide privacy, while still letting in a good dose of sunshine so everyone can benefit from a bit of vitamin D on the days the sun decides to make an appearance.

Free Fruit

Caffeinated drinks and junk food vending machines in the workspace appears to be a given and found in most staff rooms. Rather than encouraging dehydration from excessive cups of caffeine, and short-lived energy rushes from candy bars, to get the best out of your employees you could offer some healthier alternatives. Such as a filtered water machine, and a large bowl of fresh fruit for people to pick from as they please. This encourages healthy eating and sustainable energy for your employees, in turn, improving office productivity.  

These suggestions are just a few of the ways you can assist in improving your employee’s wellbeing at work. If you’re stuck for ideas, you may want to ask your employees directly if they have any suggestions for reasonable improvements that could be made. In consideration that people spend a large portion of their lives working, including you, isn’t it best to be happy and healthy in doing so? If this is something a business owner has the means to instigate, they will be destined to see a positive return, because generosity encourages reciprocity from employees, and being understood and listened to builds respect, things a successful business needs from its workforce to flourish.


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