Americans love to eat, but hate to cook. In 2015, restaurant sales exceeded grocery sales for the first time and in January 2019 grocery sales were at $56 billion and restaurant sales made it to a whopping $61 billion. Restaurant meals are about three times more expensive than cooking at home – so learn to cook safely and cut down on food costs.

Some basics to keeping your food safe. Make sure you wash your hands before and after touching food, wash your tools and countertops after food. Separate raw meat and eggs in your cart, bags, and fridge and wash plates and utensils used for raw meat before reuse. Be certain that a food item is safe to eat and not just ‘done’. Return food to the fridge or freezer fast – at most 2 hours after cooking.

Find out some more tips and tricks to food safety from the infographic below.

The Lost Art Of Cooking 1


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