Among centenarians of the world, those living past age 100, opinions differ on the reasons for their longevity. Personal attributions aside, science has been able to pinpoint at least one factor for individuals living long lives: Blue Zones.

From what science can tell us, the basics of longevity are the sum of 25% genetics and 75% lifestyle and choices. However, geographic locations all over the world known as Blue Zones seem especially favorable for the long lives of its residents. Blue Zones have curious qualities of being home to more centenarians than anywhere else, have lower rates of cancer-related mortality, and instances of heart attacks and include regions from Japan to Italy to the United States. At a glance, we see these locations as having little in common, yet just below the surface, there is a similar emphasis on community relationships, clean plant-based diets, and an individual sense of self-worth.

When you live well, eat healthily, and lead a purposeful life, longevity is just a perk. See this infographic for more on the science behind centenarians, the qualities of Blue Zones, and how to build a healthy present for a happy future.

Can Blue Zones Help Us Live Longer? 1


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