Some people say that the glass is half-empty, and then some people say that the glass is half full. You hear this thousands of times during your life, and still, it can feel like it’s challenging to avoid adverse situations in life. It might be largely because avoiding these adverse situations isn’t just about having a positive or optimistic attitude. It’s about taking concrete steps to stay out of risky situations! That’s what gets lost in a mantra with no context about liquid in a glass.

So, some pieces of advice will always be available for you to follow to keep away from adverse situations. First of all, stay away from cases where risk or injury is likely. Secondly, always drive defensively. Third, stay as far away from toxic relationships as you can. And fourth, create a consistent moral compass for yourself. Following those four easy pieces of advice is a simple process that can dramatically improve your quality of living.

Stay Away from Risk and Injury

If you know specific actions are risky, then why do you go through with them? If you know there’s an event where personal injury is a possibility, then why are you involved in this event? It’s amazing how many people don’t take time to think about consequences of the things that they do and the places that they go, especially as it relates to all of the negativity that can come from what is a likely or natural conclusion.

Drive Defensively

A lot of negatives in life come from bad driving habits or accidents on the road. The single best thing that you can do on the street is driving defensively everywhere you go. Give cars extra room on the way. Pay attention to what you’re doing. Never text and drive. Don’t talk on the phone or do other distracting things if you should be concentrating on what’s going on around your vehicle. If you assume that the drivers around you are operating sensibly so that you don’t have to, that’s when you put yourself at the greatest risk.

Keep Away From Toxic Relationships

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell from the inside when you’re in a toxic relationship. However, if you have a good friend or family member who says that something is wrong with the people that you’re interacting with, you should pay attention to them. If you want to stay away from a lot of the negative social aspects of life, any friendship or relationship that starts to feel toxic is one that you should get rid of as soon as possible.

Create a Consistent Moral Compass

A lot of the positivity or negativity in your life will come from how good of a moral compass you have created for yourself. It’s all fine and great to judge other people based on your ethical standards, but how do you stand up for your requirements that you’ve put on other people? If you take a good hard look at your behavior, you will often find that it is your contrary and inconsistent actions that lead to negative situations in your life.



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