What To Do In NYC

New York City. The city that never sleeps. A city that is so famous that every single person on the planet knows about it. You would’ve seen movies with iconic scenes based in New York, and you would’ve seen legendary shots of certain areas. The place is simply magnetic and would be one of your first choices on your bucket list. But let’s say you make a plan to actually visit – what are you going to do there? You don’t want to turn up without knowing how to spend your trip? There are hundreds of things you can do, but let’s look at a few now.

See The Sights

New York City is rich with historic and iconic landmarks. Make sure you take your camera and get a good shot of yourself with all of the amazing places. There’s the Statue Of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Times Square, Trump Tower and many more.

Go Shopping

You can’t go to New York without splashing the cash in some of the world’s biggest stores. To spend a day or two browsing through these would give you a feeling of sheer glamour compared to your hometown retail park.  

See A Show

New York is famous for many things, and another huge part of the draw is the showbiz aspect. You could go and see beautiful Broadway shows and musicals starring some of the biggest actors in the world. You can use the infographic to see what kind of show you’d be interested in if you opt for one.  

Infographic Design By theatre ticket

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