Whether we follow our own eye for design or get inspiration from home renovation shows, spending on remodeling projects is at an all-time high. Among them, one in four will go over-budget.


Almost half of American homeowners planning for a project budget it at around $5,000 – but by completion, actual median spending comes out to the $10,000 mark. As construction gets underway, it’s easy to fee overwhelmed amidst the chaos, and this is exactly when costly mistakes are likely to happen. Of all projects that go over-budget, more than half do so because of unexpected complications, changing the scope of the project midway through, and the discovery of construction-related issues.

In 2018, 51% of homeowners had plans to renovate and 48% had plans to redecorate – what’s next up on your to-do list? Here’s how to start that project you’ve been waiting for, get the home you’ve always dreamed of, all without breaking the budget.

Think Before You Renovate 1


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