From vaping to topical creams, CBD is a fast growing industry for health and wellness. But finding the right products to work for you isn’t always easy and many consumers aren’t sure where to begin.

CBD products are used to treat medical conditions ranging from mental health to joint pain to nausea. Though its origins and a derivative of marijuana lead to controversy, the sale and use of CBD are legal across all 50 states. Yet, 69% of all CBD products are mislabeled. Falling outside of the jurisdiction and approval of the FDA, there are very few industry-wide standards. Though some manufacturers choose to follow FDA-style labeling, the responsibility of finding high quality CBD that fits our needs falls squarely on the consumer. Here’s where to start.

This infographic details the growing industry of CBD, it’s uses, cultivation methods, and how to navigate the business of CBD as a consumer.

Finding The Best CBD 1


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