It’s just a couple of months until summer begins, and the kids get a break from school.  Without the burden of school and a full load of work, you and your family are free to do more exciting things together.

It’s not simple to find the idealistic destination with a perfect balance between kid and adult entertainment, but it is possible.  Start your search now, and check out some of these epic family vacation ideas for your summer.

Visit Bali in Indonesia

Bali is one of the most beautiful tropical destinations in all the world.  Your family won’t lack the awe factor upon arrival in Bali, and there’s much more than just the glorious beaches to explore.  

The land offers access to exotic temples and regal palaces of old, while the nightlife sparks a scene of dancing and laughter.  Travel inland a bit to check out some real-life volcanoes and utopian jungle scenes.

Scope out Niagara Falls

You can probably guess why Niagara Falls would be on a list of epic adventures, as you will likely never see anything like it elsewhere on the planet.  It is considered to be one of the natural wonders of the world for good reason, but you’ll have to see it for yourself to understand.

The Niagara River drops suddenly down a 188-foot cliff carve by the raging waters.  The water moves from 20 to 30 mph, and the road of this natural wonder can be heard from miles away.  

Aruba in the Caribbean

If you’re looking to suffice your need for a picturesque island vacation, then make your next stop in Aruba.  The Caribbean island provides an optimal environment for travelers throughout the whole of the summer.  

When you’re tired of lying on the beach (as if that could happen), there are plenty of excellent resorts from which to choose your accommodations.  The island’s resorts typically offer an array of activities throughout the day for all ages.

Amsterdam in the Netherlands

Although you may not think “family” first when considering Amsterdam as a travel destination, there are plenty aspects of the destination which do not center around things which are illegal in the United States.  

Educational enrichment is offered by the various museums and specialty attractions in the area.  You can also ride bikes through an elaborate maze of canals to get a different view of the city.  

Puerto Rico has plenty to offer

Puerto Rico is only a short flight from Miami, and you won’t need a passport to get there.  The island is considered a U.S. territory, but it is far from a home away from home. You will definitely feel like you’re in another country.  

Surfers can find places to challenge 20 foot waves, and families are assured clear, calm waters in the right spots.  There’s something for everyone, and the price of visiting is comparatively inexpensive.


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