In 2010, the largest hailstone ever recorded was discovered in the U.S. Coming in at a weight of 22 pounds and a diameter of 8 inches, this large hailstone is perhaps just one of many that large. Over the last three decades, hail storms and subsequent damage have increased by nearly 175%.

In comparison to other weather-related risks, hail can be difficult to insure. As a possibility during thunderstorms and ranging across most of the continental United States, the severity and damage of falling hail are hard to predict. Yet in 2017 alone, 11 million properties were left damaged by hail storms, which amounted to $1.7 billion in property damage, $60 million in damaged crops, and 14 injuries. As the geographic potential for hail spreads into Northeastern and Western states, insurance providers are looking towards tech to help give consumers better options for coverage against hail damage.

Take a look at this infographic for more on the growing concern for hail storms, how climate change in influencing global weather catastrophes, and how we are beginning to utilize AI and IoT to help keep our homes and ourselves safe.

Hail Damage Is On The Rise 1


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