If you’ve had issues with your vision in the past, you likely have had to go through transitions where you’ve had glasses, dealt with contacts, and spent way too much time reading vision charts at your eye doctor’s office. All of these things can be a real hassle and leave you dreaming about how nice it would be to just have good vision without having to deal with finding your glasses or putting in contacts. Well, with LASIK eye surgery, having great vision with just your natural eyes might be a possibility for you. So if you think you’re ready to undergo this procedure, here are three tips that will help you in preparing for your upcoming LASIK eye surgery.


Educate Yourself About The Surgery and Recovery

Before you schedule your LASIK eye surgery, you should first study up about the procedure and make sure it’s something you’re willing to undergo. According to the FDA, the actual surgery should take about 30 minutes and can include times of pressure and discomfort on your eye. Immediately following the surgery, it’s common for your vision to be blurry or hazy, which will require you to have someone else to take you home and will likely require you to take some time off of work. Additionally, the recovery process and length of time will vary from person to person, but don’t expect to be completely back to normal for at least a few months.

Give Your Eyes A Break From Contacts

In the weeks leading up to your surgery, it’s important that you give your eyes a break from wearing your contacts. If you have glasses, you’ll want to wear them for at least a few weeks before your surgery is scheduled. If you don’t have glasses, you may want to get some for this period of time. According to AllAboutVision.com, the exact amount of time your eyes will need to be without contacts depends on the type of contacts you wear, as the different materials can change your eyes in different ways. Make sure you speak with your doctor about his when you have your first consultation about LASIK.

Keep Yourself Clean

The day of your surgery, and possibly even the day before your surgery, Dr. Troy Bedinghaus, a contributor to Very Well Health, advises that you keep your face and body very clean. This means not using any makeup, lotions, perfume or cologne or anything else that could get in your eyes or cause a buildup of debris on the skin of your eyes or face. Additionally, keeping your skin clean and clear will also help reduce your risk of infection from the surgery.

If you’re considering having LASIK eye surgery, use the tips mentioned above to help you prepare for this procedure.


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