From work, to home, and even the inside of our car, our spaces should work for us. But when it comes time to update and upgrade our spaces, even some small projects can leave us feeling overwhelmed and emotionally drained – why?

Though some people may be more in tune with the neatness and organization of the spaces around them than others, there’s no denying the mental effects our physical surroundings have on all of us. This can become particularly difficult when we are faced with the challenges of unfinished projects from repainting the bedrooms to remodeling the kitchen. When we update our familiar surroundings, even for the better, change can be a painful process. Here’s how to keep your peace of mind, your eye on the prize, and finally make your surroundings work for you.

Taking control of your space is more than just physical – it’s an exercise in addressing emotional and mental needs as well. See this infographic for more on the psychology of space.

How Your Space Affects Your Inner Peace 1


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