No matter how young or old you may be, there are always active steps you can take to enhance your well-being.  Looking even better than awesome is a lofty goal, but you can have that kind of vibrance with just a little extra work.

Let’s get this clear, though, when we say “work,” we don’t mean plastic surgery.  Beauty is a natural occurrence, and anyone who takes good care of their body can retain their wellness for many years.  

Take some time now to check out a few tips to keep your body looking and feeling like a movie star, and be your best self in 2019.  

Make water a part of your routine

You probably already know that your body is made up of mostly water.  You need water to function, and your body will suffer from a shortage of H2O.  Your skin will sag sooner.  Your organs won’t function at their peak performance, and your mind won’t either.  

As early as possible, make drinking an adequate amount of water a normal part of your daily routine.  On that note, make sure the water is filtered. Too much tainted water is a bit counterproductive.

Allow yourself the funds for personal care

You may not consider personal care a necessary expense when you’re writing out your monthly budget, but you should.  Preserving the vessel you are given is a necessary expense.

You have to live in that body your whole life, so you can spend a few bucks each month to keep it looking and feeling spectacular.  A weekly full body massage, special time spent on your face, and a manicure/pedicure will keep your body in peak form.  

Get your heartrate up every day

You already know that exercise is a necessity to maintain a healthy physique, but exercise doesn’t have to be boring or even strenuous in nature.  The goal is to get your heartrate up a bit every day and to get your blood flowing. There are several exciting ways to achieve those goals.

Eat natural and organic foods

Don’t diet.  Eat a balanced, nutritious diet instead.  Snack on fruits instead of Little Debbie cakes.  Eat nuts while you’re sitting at your desk instead of candy.  Choose organic, fresh foods for cooking.  You get the point.

Spend time outside in nature

Spend time outside, indulging in nature.  The sunlight gives your body a healthy dose of Vitamin D, while the plant life around you provide your airways with fresh and clean air to breathe.  

Make meetings with nature a normal part of your life, and your body will thank you.  Just make sure you don’t overdue the sun exposure, or you’ll end up looking like leatherface by the time you’re fifty.


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