Since 2013, corporate giant IBM has forced out over 20,000 employees. Aged 40 and over into “unplanned retirement” or better understood as “unemployment.” In their own words, this was an effort to correct an imbalance in the seniority mix, but instead shows as an obvious and illegal policy that works against aging employees.

Career management coach and author Jane Jackson broaches the topic of age discrimination in the workforce elegantly, stating “…rather than waiting for an employer to ‘pick you,’ you should ‘pick yourself.’” Though younger workers appeal to business leaders, older workers’ experience can’t be replicated and as such could provide an enormous advantage. Nearly 50% of all self-employed workers are Baby Boomers utilizing their skills learned from corporate America to build their own successful, reliable, and non-discriminatory careers.

Reimagine your career, skills, and talents with a little introspection. Take a look at this infographic for more on building a career after 50, marketing yourself, and using experience as an unbeatable competitive edge.

Re-Imagining Your Career After 50 [Infographic] 1


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