In small businesses, building the right team and talent isn’t always easy – as a result, many small business owners may find themselves carrying the brunt of the responsibility. But when repeatable and predictable daily tasks start taking up too much valuable time, operations can begin to suffer. Automation is here to help.

Talented managers don’t need to be bogged down by menial tasks – it’s their job to lead. Office management AI tools step in to pick up the slack and free up energies for staff to focus on what really matters. Managed By Q utilizes tech to help managers do what they do best, without getting bogged down with the little details. Though small, the features it offers are essential, from scheduling maintenance, helping with hiring, booking, even ordering office supplies. Finding the right piece of AI for your business can make all the difference – here’s how to do it.

Take a look at this infographic for more on a glimpse into the future of managerial automation, why it may be putting some managers at risk, and how to find the right fit for any business.

Will AI Replace Your Manager? 1


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