Among the 68% of households including a pet, most of them consider them just another family member. Between the average American’s demanding daily responsibilities, we may find ourselves with precious few hours to spend with the people that really matter – including our pets.

So how do we keep our pets close at hand even when our daily routines insist on creating distance? Devices like the Furbo Dog Camera, a two-way camera device to help us check in on our pets at home while we’re out of house, become indispensable for pet owners. Though cats are known to snore their day away, being stuck at home alone can contribute to oversleeping, overeating, and generally poor habits for indoor cats. Get your feline off the couch with with the irresistible laser pointer machine FroliCat Bolt.

From dog walking apps to GPS fitness trackers and more, pet tech is just as advanced as human tech. This infographic details the high-tech world of pet gadgets, how they are helping us care for our pets, and give them a better quality of life.

Can Tech Give Pets A Better Life? 1


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