Slipping, tripping or falling can happen to anyone at any time.  If someone’s else’s negligence is the cause, then it’s important that you’re compensated for the suffering you’ve endured.

When you step foot on someone else’s property, you expect it to be well-maintained enough that you can walk around freely.  If not forewarned about potential hazards, then it’s not your fault!

If you or someone you know has recently been hurt in a slip and fall injury by no fault of their own, then here are the most important steps to take to ensure you have the best case on your case to win.

Get Medical Attention

The most important thing to remember following an accident is that your health comes first and foremost.  It’s important that if you’ve been hurt, that a medical professional sees your injuries.

Not only are you ensuring that you identify what your injuries are to prevent further damage, but you’re also creating a paper trail.  If you want to seek compensation for the damages you suffered, then you should have proof of your injuries.

Report The Incident

Be sure to always report the accident  to the person who is in charge of the property.  Whether you are on an apartment complex, a storefront, or personal property, you should always ask for proof in writing before you leave the premises.  

By reporting the incident, you’re continuing to keep your paper trail complete for purposes of proof.

Document Absolutely Everything

There’s no such thing as too much proof when you’re trying to build a case for personal injury.  Be sure to collect all the names of people who witnessed the accident as well as owners, landlords, managers, etc.

You should take photos of the location where you were hurt, highlighting the hazards present.  Usually, slips and falls are a result of ice, broken foundations, or other faulty conditions, so be sure to document it for your records!

The opposing party may try to use whatever means necessary to prove their innocence so be sure to document what clothing and shoes you were wearing as well!

Call a Lawyer

If you are planning on pursuing legal action, then you’ll need to have a lawyer on your side.  A case like a slip and fall injury can be complex and difficult to prove on your own. You’re best off with an experienced professional who has the knowledge to win your case and get the money you deserve for your injuries.

Always make sure to hire a lawyer who has experience on your specific kind of case and knows the ins and outs by heart.


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