Today, the power of global startups is worth $2.3 trillion making them some of the most profitable ventures on the planet. Backed by the talent of entrepreneurs getting businesses off the ground with innovative ideas, the only place to go is up. For 88% of small business owners, they are looking to increase revenue in the coming year and at the heart of this goal is scalability.

Your business probably isn’t scalable if its internal systems aren’t designed to grow, your operating costs increase as your sales rise, and perhaps most importantly, if the CEO is still managing to do everything on their own. It’s one thing to be productive, and another thing to be a jack-of-all-trades, but smart entrepreneurs know that this level of power and responsibility can’t last. Fast growing small small businesses are two times as likely to invest in hiring, and yet 34% have yet to fire their first employee.

Does your business have room to grow? Take a look at the scalability of your own operation from a fresh perspective, bring in new talent, and really give your business the room it needs to grow and succeed. Detailed in this infographic is more on the art and science of scalability.

Is Your Business Built To Scale Up? 1



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