Raised during the great recessions and bearing witness to the student loan crisis, the young Generation Z has a bright, yet demanding, future ahead of them. Gen Z is learning lessons from past generations to forge their own paths to success.

Among current middle and high schoolers, 41% say they plan on starting their own business, and they’re willing to work hard for it. By age ten, 21% of Gen Zers already manage their own savings account, and this is just the beginning of their lifelong plans. In an effort to save as much money during their college years and avoid taking out student loans, 38% of Gen Zers plan on working whilst in college and 24% plan to pay for college through their own personal savings.

Building a foundation for the rest of their lives won’t be easy, but Gen Z is willing to work hard to make it a reality. This infographic takes a deeper look into the entrepreneurial minds of Gen Z, where they are using innovation to succeed, and how they are shaping their own futures.

Will GenZ Be The Greatest Entrepreneurs Ever? 1


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