Once you decide to get married, it’s easy to get caught up in planning the wedding and only thinking about crossing everything off of your list. The focus becomes so much on the wedding itself and less on making a connection as a couple.  


As a result many couples find themselves married to someone they never even got to know that well.  The next thing you know, these estranged lovers find themselves looking for a divorce lawyer after only a short period of being married.  

Regardless of whether your wedding is years, days, or months in the future, it’s important to take this time as an opportunity to have adventures to get together to ensure a happy marriage that hopefully lasts. Here are some of the things you should cross off your pre-marriage bucket list.

Travel Together

They say you only truly know a person when you live together.  However, studies show that traveling together can be even more revealing about a person’s character.  Stepping into a new environment with your spouse-to-be, gives you a chance to see how you each handle new and often stressful situations.  This opportunity can be valuable insight for your future together.

Book a trip at the last minute.  Get on a boat. Hop on the back of a motorcycle. Do something crazy! If your budget isn’t huge, something as simple as camping can be just as adventurous.

Discuss Your Values

It’s vital to communicate and talk about your individual beliefs, from religion to family goals, to politics. If you do find yourselves with clashing viewpoints, it’s important to know that it can still work, but it will take some extra work.

Sometimes the happiest couples have very different ways of seeing the world, but they manage to respect each other’s viewpoints nonetheless.

Discuss Finances

One of the leading causes for couples deciding to call it quits is because they have different attitudes towards money.  Even though it may not be an enjoyable conversation sitting down and going over retirement funds and interest rates, it’s essential to cover this area before you make a lifelong commitment.

Make sure that you’re both on the same page about how you feel about money and how it should be spent and how you plan on sharing living expenses over time.

Discuss Having Children

A lot of couples are so in love when they get engaged that they fail to realize they’ve skipped over one of the most important conversations of all: “Do you want children one day?”
If one person in the relationship has no interest in having kids but the other can’t see their future any other way, it can be enough to destroy their marriage.  Always make sure that you know where the other stands.


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