CBD, the acronym for cannabidiol, is an all natural plant derivative from hemp and marijuana. Its controversy precedes itself, yet dozens of studies and countless individuals can attest to its effectiveness in treating chronic pain, a condition that one in five Americans are currently living with.

Within our own bodies, cannabinoids are actually naturally occurring and are known as endocannabinoids; the plant-based cannabinoids from CBD trigger the same receptors and subsequent effects. Research suggests that an endocannabinoid deficiency may be responsible for chronic migraines, IBS, and even fibromyalgia – conditions that are currently treated with pharmaceuticals like NSAIDs. In addition, CBD comes along with fewer and less severe side effects than NSAIDs, like heightened risk for heart attack and stroke, and delivers reliable effects that do not cause users to develop a tolerance.

Could CBD be the future of pain management? By looking just past the surface, CBD shows incredible potential as a reliable, safe, and effective treatment, detailed in this infographic below.

Is CBD The Future Of Pain Management? 1


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