Being successful is subjective; no two people’s vision of success looks exactly the same. After seven decades of growth, college enrollment rates are beginning to fall – maybe this younger generation knows something we don’t know.

While there is no secret formula to success, it’s possible to set ourselves up for opportunity and to take those opportunities when we find them. But for Gen Z, college isn’t always on the agenda. Nearly 80% of adults agree that it’s getting harder for young people to “get started in life.” Faced with financial complications, poor job outlook, and not to mention pressure from older adults and even peers, high school graduates take their college question very seriously. So when traditional college doesn’t work, what is the alternative?

A college degree, even advanced, doesn’t guarantee anyone a job. Instead of relying on chance and taking the gamble of student loans, young people are looking further ahead and finding different routes to build their own success. This infographic details how you can be successful without college.

Can You Be Successful Without College? 1


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