Though 37% of people are worried that automation will put their own jobs at risk, 73% also say that technology can never replace the human mind. Innovation that comes with AI augmentation means we can focus on meaningful tasks by combining the predictability of automation and the creativity of human beings.

Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool, and in the right hands, a massive force for good. AI is already pioneering world-changing innovations in pharmaceuticals, safety, and education on nearly every scale. For businesses, this will lead to not only bigger profits but heightened efficiency and a higher value in soft skills. By 2021, AI will generate $2.6 trillion for businesses and create 6.2 billion house of worker productivity.

From science fiction to our very own grocery stores, artificial intelligence is everywhere. Are you ready for a better world? Take a look at this infographic for more on AI, how it’s used for good (and evil), and why we are responsible for its future.

Is Artificial Intelligence Good Or Evil? 1


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