Today, Americans are sharing more information about themselves online, all the while believing that their data online is less secure than it was five years ago. Just one Google search of your own name can reveal more than you think, showing results to anyone from employers to criminals alike.

At its best, oversharing is a social media faux pas – at its worst, oversharing becomes a risky move. Scammers can accumulate interspersed bits and pieces of information about us from all our online accounts, from social media to medical records, these cross-platform snippets come together for a comprehensive picture of who we are. This looks like hard, private data sprinkled with our personality. Smart criminals make this work to their advantage by tailoring their scams and attacks to us personally in order to access your accounts or even steal your identity.

How do you manage your data online? Make the security of your personal information a priority and keep it out of the hands of criminals and scammers; take a look at this infographic for more on how keep your private information private.

Google Yourself, I'll Wait. 1


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