By 2022, 50% of business leaders expect automation to lead to a reduction in their workforce and within 20 years replace millions of human employees. Yet not every expert agrees on the true extent of automation’s place in the workforce; in an increasingly robotic world, soft skills become more important than ever.

Soft skills, also known as human skills are exactly that – creative abilities, emotional intelligence, and curiosity as human experiences. In its current state, automation cannot replicate these skills, leading some experts to believe the future of automation may not be exactly what we think. In one study, it has been suggested that only less than 5% of occupations can become fully automated. Instead of simple replacement, automation will usher in much needed restructuring of jobs by taking over menial tasks and freeing up creative energies for us humans.

As more robots enter the workforce, human skills become increasingly valuable. Take a look at this infographic for more detail on soft skills and why sharpening these qualities will help keep us humans relevant in the automation revolution.

Robot-Proofing Your Career 1


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