By 2012, the rate of positive drug tests among US workers was just under 5%. This 30-year low leads some to wonder if drug testing is still important or even necessary anymore. While doing little to curb drug use as a whole, drug testing has its own benefits in the workplace.

As legalizations pushes forward in many states and decriminalization continues in others, 86% of employers are concerned about marijuana on the job. On average, workers who test positive for illegal drugs also have 59% more absences and 47% more terminations than colleagues. Businesses who fairly drug test can greatly reduce this absenteeism and turnover by cultivating environments of productivity, low conflict, and high communication.

Do you know your rights as an employee when it comes to workplace drug testing? Take a look at this infographic for more detail on modern drug-testing laws, limitations, and why it’s still important for maintaining healthy, productive, and overall safe business settings.


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