By 2030, 171 million Americans will be living with some form of chronic disease and if current trends continue, we will experience a shortage of over 100,000 physicians in that time as well. Already, healthcare workers are looking for solutions to this future problem and it’s technology that’s helping to bridge the gap.

When applied to healthcare needs, virtual reality creates opportunities for patients to “visit” with doctors, nurses, or other healthcare providers. A modern spin on the house calls of yesteryear, virtual communication makes it possible for patients to meet and interact with their doctors without having to leave their own homes. For patients who need specialist care, and especially for those patients whose specialists are based out-of-town, virtual instant communication options offer huge benefits.

This infographic details what healthcare jobs 2.0 will really look like, how external technologies are fueling medical advancements, and how it will bring quality care to every patient.

Technology Is Changing The Medical Field 1


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