Dewayne Johnson v Monsanto became the first ever case of its kind to go to trial, alleging that the active ingredient in Roundup, glyphosate, doesn’t just kill plants – it also causes cancer.

Since the 1990s, glyphosate exposure to individuals has grown up to 500% in some areas, with agricultural workers and groundskeepers, like Johnson himself, at highest risk for exposure. Even recreational gardeners have some levels of exposure to the chemical, making it essential for us to really understand the true effects, if any, it has on the human body. The eventual outcome of this case ruled in favor of Johnson and he was awarded over $250 million (now significantly reduced) as a result. But this case was about more than just money – it set a legal precedent and spurred many new and much needed studies of glyphosate research.

For agricultural needs, this is an integral part of operations and is one of the most common ingredients in herbicides used in farming all over the world. Evidence of its damaging effects or otherwise could mean big changes for global agriculture; the need for unbiased and honest research is more important than ever. Learn more about the timeline of Monsanto’s glyphosate lawsuits below.

Timeline Of Monsanto's Glyphosate Lawsuit 1


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