Over 80% of customers say they would switch suppliers after a bad call center experience; giving your consumers the highest quality service possible is essential to keeping them sticking around. Even just one positive impression can kelp keep a customer for life, but one bad interaction can push a customer into the waiting arms of a competitor.


Today, communication is often just a click away and as a result, consumers should have no issues reaching their suppliers with questions or problems. For 45% of consumers, phone correspondence is the most preferred channel of communication, but the rise of online chat is also making headway in world of customer satisfaction. Over 40% of consumers have interacted with a supplier through means other than phone or email.

Do your customers feel heard? Take a look at this infographic for more on upping your customer service game, how to improve customer retention, and give them quality service they won’t find elsewhere.

Listening Is The Key To Retaining Customers 1



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