Entrepreneurs will be the first to express the value of responsibility. When starting a business from the ground up, nearly all of the work falls on the one or two people who started it all. This can mean being one’s own accountant, sales rep, even receptionist. But that sense of responsibility can quickly turn into a bad habit, transforming big-picture-focused entrepreneurs into micromanaging control freaks.

When the brain’s decision-making powers become overworked, as is typical for entrepreneurs, every decision faced becomes harder and harder to make. This is called decision fatigue. Mark Zuckerberg’s plane wardrobe is an example of eliminating mundane and easy choices to make more room for the decisions that really matter. For any manager, CEO, or president, learning to delegate often holds the key to long term success and has even been shown to help businesses generate 33% more revenue than teams that are poorly delegated.

Take a look at this infographic for more on the art and science behind delegating, how to develop those skills to delegate not just other people’s time, but your own time as well.

Delegation For The Good Of Your Business [Infographic] 1


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