Do you believe in psychic powers? More than half of Americans believe that psychic phenomena exists. Of the 23% of Britons who have consulted a psychic, more than half believe they were truthful during the reading.

Psychic healing has been shown to be effective, but the results are a little hazy. When used to treat subjective symptoms, such as pain, psychic healing is effective. But try to treat a condition that can be objectively measured, like high cholesterol or a broken leg, and psychic energies have no effect.

Psychics may not be able able to heal your body, but visiting a trusted psychic can have psychological effects. Many people find that seeing a psychic helps to validate their feelings, cope with grief and loss, and find hope for the future.

To learn more about psychics and other strange phenomenon, from ghosts and cultural cryptids to ESP, check out this infographic:

Face The Strange [Infographic] 1


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