With fewer stores than most of its competitors, Apple stores continues to pull in astonishingly high revenue for such a small volume of locations. Best Buy, once the leading retail store for all things electronic currently has over 1300 operational stores and generates a revenue of around $34 million while Apple generates millions more with just 270 stores. So what is it that stands out about Apple stores?


Aside from the pristine white decor, the wall to wall devices just begging to be handled, and the well organized tech support system of the Genius Bar, shoppers begin to feel more like guests than consumers; and therein lies the success. Back when Apple decided to start putting up its own stores, it sent its new store managers to Ritz-Carlton hospitality training. Learning straight from the masters themselves, store managers gained skills that no other traditional electronic store chain had.

From decor, to customer service, to knowledgeable and accommodating staff, Apple stores have revolutionized the way consumers expect their shopping experience to be. Can other chains keep up? Take a look at this infographic for more on the success of Apple stores, how they make their experience so unique, and why its high time other stores take the cue.

Learning From Apple's Customer Service Model [Infographic] 1


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