Want to be worried about humanity? Here are some things to worry about.

New, deadly, drug-resistant diseases that have evolved to resist antibiotics. 2 million people are infected with these resistant strains and 23,000 die from their infections. Though we are doing are best to invent new drugs to fight them, that’s part of the problem. We are speeding up natural selection for bigger and badder bacteria and viruses to rise from the ashes. A specific one to worry about is MDR-TB, a type of tuberculosis that is resistant to our two main treatments and there have been almost half a million cases of it worldwide.

The world is heating up – and fast. 17 of the 18 hottest years across 136 years have been since 2001. Arctic sea ice has been declining at a rate of 13.2% every decade. Global sea levels rose 1.7 – 3.1 millimeters in the past century compared to 0 – 0.3 millimeters in the past 2000 years.

Want to know more about our impending doom? Find out more at:

Threats To Humanity [Infographic] 1


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