Most jobs involve dealing with customers.  Without clients and customers, there would be no one buying companies products or renting their services.  Although the ultimate goal is to provide a customer with a positive experience so that they are satisfied and become a return client, it isn’t always the case.

Sometimes things out of our control get thrown into the equation, and other times a company has to admit fault.  No matter what the circumstances are, at some point you’re going to have to deal with a problematic and dissatisfied customer.  Not only can it be uncomfortable handling emotionally charged customers, but it can start to get you emotional as well.

To make it through the challenging situation as smoothly as possible so that everyone is as satisfied as possible with the result, here are some of the best ways for handling an interaction with a demanding customer.

Listen To Them

The first thing that you should focus on is offering your ear to listen to what their concern is.  Even if you already anticipate what they’re going to say, or you’ve heard it a million times, it’s important to give them your full attention.

By practicing reflective listening, they’ll feel like their concerns are valued, and their anger will start to diffuse.  Make sure that you repeat what you understand the problem is at the end of their complaint or concern. At this point, you’ll be able to move forward with the next steps based on whether they agree you’ve understood the problem yet or not.

Try To Empathize

One of the best ways to remain logical during a stressful interaction is to empathize with how they’re feeling.  Rather than assuming that they “should” be one way or the other, try to see things from their perspective.

Try to think back on a time when you may have felt the same way about something.  Through better understanding in an empathetic way, you’ll become less agitated and come across as genuinely concerned.

Offer a Solution

When handling a problem, it’s crucial to jump the hurdle of spinning your wheels repeating the problem over and over.  You have to move on to the solution eventually otherwise you’re wasting your time.

Offer a solution which suits you and the customer, and see if they’ll accept.

Pass On To Management If Necessary

If a customer is still angry and unsatisfied after offering a solution, remain calm.  The only thing that you can do at this point is to pass on the incident to management and let them handle it personally.

Once you feel that you’ve done the best you can and the situation hasn’t made any progress, it’s out of your hands.



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