Despite large scale poverty over the past decade, Fresno has rebounded into one of the most attractive cities in California for job seekers and young families. The city has more than doubled in population since the 1960s, sometimes outpacing the growth of California itself. Much of this might be owed to its diverse and unique culture, as well as its affordability.

One survey found Fresno to be one of the most affordable cities in California, requiring a salary of $44,648 to live comfortably. Compare this to San Francisco, which required a salary of over $100,000 to live in the city. With median home prices hovering slightly above $225,000, homes for sale estate in Fresno, CA. remain largely under the national average.

Fresno is a great city to raise a family comfortably and affordably. If you’re thinking about moving to Fresno, California, we’ve listed the 5 best neighborhoods for families.

Woodward Park

Woodward Park

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Woodward Park is famous across Fresno for its affluence and general cleanliness. With the lowest crime rate of any Fresno neighborhood, Woodward Park is considered to be one of the wealthiest areas in Fresno and is a great place for families and young professionals alike. The median home price for on Redfin for a 2 bedroom home in Woodward Park is around $277,000.

Located in North Fresno, off of the 42 freeway, Woodland Park is home to 11 schools and lots of green space. Considered one of the most walkable neighborhoods in Fresno, Woodward Park is also one of Fresno’s best parks for walking, fishing, or biking. If you’re looking for a truly unique hiking and trailing experience, then you’re be glad to know that Yosemite National park is only a short drive from Woodward Park.


According to AreaVibes, Bullard had the third highest livability score behind Woodward Park. With a population nearing 100,000, Bullard also boasts a low crime rate. There are also plenty of schools and 11 grocery stores all within walking distance. There are 5 parks nearby with tons of green space and Bullard is close to tons of public transportation options to visit the city. While homes are generally more expensive in Bullard, the neighborhood is situated in a safe spot of Fresno and lots of families tend to flock to Bullard after Woodward Park.

Southeast Growth Area

Southeast Fresno is actually a very small and up-and-coming area with a population just below 6,000. It has the second lowest crime rate out of any Fresno neighborhood and there are lots of amenities nearby. According to the website Homesnacks, Southeast Growth Area was ranked as the second richest neighborhood in Fresno. The only downside to the Southeast Growth Area is that there no schools technically within the neighborhood’s districts, but kids can go off to nearby Mclane schools.


Hoover is a suburban area on the outskirts of Fresno that attracts a lot of families. Approximately 44% of people in Hoover have a child under the age of 18 and there are 20 schools within the neighborhood. This area is also where a lot of Fresno State and University of California Fresno students reside or come to live after graduation. Hoover is perhaps best known for its bulldog pride and offers a great occasions to take the kids out to watch the local football or baseball games.

Fresno High Roeding

Fresno High Roeding neighborhood is conveniently located next to downtown Fresno and is rated as one of the most walkable neighborhoods in Fresno. This neighborhood offers a good selection of some of Fresno’s best schools and even Fresno City College. With plenty of amenities, including shopping centers and malls nearby, High Roeding offers that comfortable suburban feel with easy access to the nightlife and entertainment of downtown Fresno.


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