Eastern practices, including tai chi, yoga, and a host of others have been shown to be beneficial to a healthy lifestyle and prevention of long-term illness. Western practitioners are beginning to integrate more Eastern, also known as Traditional Chinese Medical, methods into their practice.

Doctors have discovered what they are calling a new organ. In March of this year, a team led by NYU’s Langone School of Pathology physician Dr. Neil Theise discovered a ‘fluid-filled’ highway that runs throughout the body. While the definition as an organ has caused controversy in the medical community, the implications of the interstitium are earth shattering.

The interstitium may explain how cancer spreads, how acupuncture and yoga help alleviate bodily aches, and a multitude of other breakthroughs that show how Eastern and Western medical practices may be linked.

Learn more about the role of the interstitium in Eastern and Western medical practice with the infographic below, provided by Urban Monk Nutrition.

The Interstitium: Eastern Meets Western Medicine? [Infographic] 1



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