Cryptocurrency―the booming, decentralized phenomenon is taking the world by storm in may regards. Initiatives in healthcare, real estate, education, and an unending array of novelty coins are popping up all the time as more investors and innovators want in. There’s only one problem―crime.

Bitcoin and its progenitors have proven useful to the world of global crime. The anonymous, trustless, and encrypted nature of crypto trade has made illicit activity easier for those seeking to profit in the dark web. Cryptocurrencies such as Monero and Zcash are especially beneficial to criminals for their heightened privacy and encryption features.

Some of the crimes being investigated by regulatory agencies around the world, including the FBI and FATF, are as bland as tax evasion, but others range from the multi-billion dollar drug and weapons trade to human trafficking, terrorism, and contract killers.

Learn more about the dark side of cryptocurrency with the infographic below.

The Dark Side Of Cryptocurrency [Infographic] 1


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