Artificial intelligence is all around us, though most people don’t know it. 84% of people have used AI and 50% of people have used artificial intelligence in the past year without even realizing it. Is it the future of customer service?

Though we might not notice it, AI can enhance otherwise frustrating experiences. AI does a lot of things, like filtering spam emails, predicting online searches, being your virtual assistant, and more.

AI has been dominating the popular culture for a long time already, but what exactly is AI? AI, or artificial intelligence, isn’t the actual robot, but the computer inside it. It grows smarter with time by collecting more data from you and subjecting that data to careful analysis.

Artificial intelligence is nothing to fear (yet) and can actually make our lives easier. Find out more about AI and how it can help your customer experience from this infographic.

The Role Of AI In Customer Service 1



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