We live in a world of laws and regulations. And if you end up on the wrong side of those social and contractual stipulations, you’re going to be in trouble. In trouble means different things when it comes to the law. It can mean bail bonds. It can mean jail time. And it can mean community service.


Because you operate in countries with these laws and regulations, ideally, you want to stay out of trouble in the first place. But, after that, you should at least have some basic information about how to deal with bonds, recognize what jailable offenses are, and know that sometimes doing community service is going to be a part of how you do your time.

Staying Out of Trouble

If there’s any way possible, you should stay out of trouble. Don’t break the law. Don’t break social contracts with your neighbors or your community. Attempt as much as possible to do no harm to others. Figure out what your moral compass is. Borrow someone else’s moral compass if you need to. Most of the time, the reason people get in trouble is that they don’t know any better. So to avoid that situation, start by being aware of the rules that govern your life.

Dealing With Bonds

If you end up getting arrested or going to jail temporarily, you may end up having to bail yourself out. To do that, you may have to take out a bail bond, or your family may have to do it for you. If you’re not familiar with how bail bonds work, it can be a confusing and frustrating process. You can talk to a lawyer about it after you get in trouble, or you can do a little research beforehand your plan of action is if you are on the wrong side of an arrest at some point.

Jailable Offenses

So what things can you go to jail for? There are misdemeanors, and there are felonies, and those of the two primary categories of getting in trouble. There are details regarding intent, ultimate damage, and many other factors that go into deciding what type of crime you’ve committed. You can often make deals with lawyers to figure out how to make more severe crimes look better on your record by offering plea deals.

Doing Community Service

If you’ve done something that doesn’t require you to be locked up, it might be that you get put out on parole work release and merely have to do community service. Depending on the type of crime you committed, there are many different community service requirements that you may have to follow to stay out of jail. Ideally, you always want to stay ahead of schedule when it comes to these community service options.


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