Social media and the internet is starting to and has become more prominent in our lives. Social media and online courses may be grabbing for your attention, but they aren’t really helping you in the end of the day. In fact, young adults with high social media use have also been shown to have low social involvement. To deal with the stress of so many grabbing at our attention, some people have found good ways to relax.

One way is meditation, and a lot of people meditate, as 40% of Americans do so at least once a week. People also cool off in other ways such as listening to music. Music can improve mood, increase self-esteem and lessen anxiety and stress. Yet another way is yoga. Yoga can be helpful to the body by improving mood, releasing stress and improving memory.

If our attention is so split we can’t try to do any of the things listed above, what should we do? Learn more about wellness on the blockchain.

Relaxing With The Blockchain [Infographic] 1


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