The American higher-education system is facing a crisis. Students are graduating from college with piles of debt, unable put their new degrees to work. More than ⅓ of adults under 30 carry student loan debt, and many college students are unable to attend full-time due to the crippling costs of tuition, books, and boarding.

As more schools are privatized, the cost of attending high school will rise and discrimination will increase, giving greater advantages to those with enough money to go the best schools, and hurting those born without wealth. Instead of pulling students out of poverty, education is beginning to be part of the problem.

Blockchain, the technology that powers cryptocurrencies, may be able to revolutionize education. With smart contracts to prove students attendance, participations, and learning, blockchain can lower the cost of accreditation. Blockchain can bring educational content to everyone with access to the internet.

Learn more about the future of Blockchain for Education in this infographic:

Can Blockchain Save Education? [Infographic] 1


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