To many, the job search can feel endless. Many job seekers report more difficulty than ever, and adapting to the ways companies search can feel tedious. The traditional resume and cover letter method is going extinct, and you are often lucky to even get your resume past job site algorithms. Recruiters also report that the strategies of many applicants cause many qualified people to get lost in the cracks. There are ways to get ahead of the pack, though.

Once you do finally get an interview, it is important to:

  • make the best first impression possible,
  • don’t say disqualifying things,
  • do your research on the company, and
  • actively make progress at your current job that will prepare you for answering the tough questions when interviewing for that dream job.

You’re going to go on more job interviews in your life than you think. Learn more about the dos and don’ts of interviewing with the infographic below!

How To Ace Your Next Job Interview [Infographic] 1


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