In the wake of the Facebook/Google cryptocurrency ad ban, many are wondering where crypto is to take its advertising. Surely without placements on Facebook and Google no company, or even industry, could survive, right? Well not necessarily.

Faced with the reality that ads for ICOs and anything crypto related will no longer be permitted on these internet giants, the crypto-sphere jumped into action. Building communities of trusted influencers and users alike help bring a more human side to this high tech industry and os proving to be far more effective in spreading the word than just from ads alone. Online publications dedicated to crypto work, Reddit communities, and even Slack groups have become a haven for crypto users, both newbies and veterans alike.

Luckily there is no shortness of ingenuity within the crypto realm, and banned ads certainly aren’t the end of this industry. Relying instead on influencers, positive press interactions, and a steady presence in the media, crypto is growing just as quickly as it could with Facebook ads. This infographic from Coin Central details the ways that cryptocurrency advertising is making headway without the platform support of Facebook and Google.

Can Cryptocurrency Advertising Get You Banned? [Infographic] 1


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