From War Games to Blade Runner, we will always be fascinated by artificial intelligence. The idea that humans are beginning to push the boundaries of being able to create something that could destroy us is enough to capture anyone’s imagination. Well actually, the AI of our reality is a little less malevolent than we might feel inclined to believe. In fact, automation in job industries created opportunities for unique benefits, not just for businesses looking to cut labor costs, but also for the former human staff.

In short, more automation via artificial intelligence means less work for us humans. This wouldn’t even be the first time in history that automation has changed the fabric of business; the industrial revolution’s introduction of automated machine manufacturing resulted in a work week cut from 60 hours to the 40 hours a week we still observe to this day. But with AI technology being developed and improved on every day, what’s to stop them from completely taking over?

The result of an AI “takeover” wouldn’t really look like a takeover at all. Instead, AI emerging into our businesses is a opportunity for global economic growth and humanity’s personal growth alike. Take a look at this infographic for a glimpse into the future of a planet manned by artificial intelligence and how our own mindfulness and creativity can propel us into this future.

What Will Life Look Like After Artificial Intelligence? [Infographic] 1


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