As big data grows bigger than ever before, a new executive office has arisen to manage corporations data and analytics – the chief data officer (CDO).

One of the first corporations CDOs was Cathryne Clay Doss, hired by Capital One in 2002 to oversee collaboration between information technology and supply chain management. Since then, CDOs have become more and more common and spread into a growing array of industries, from technology to medicine. In the last four years, CDO positions have more than quadrupled.

With people generating more than 250 million terabytes of data each day, it should be no surprise that business need someone to manage their data tools. CDOs typically oversee teams addressing data analytics, data strategy, data governance, and data architecture. Using data initiative can have a positive impact on business operations from launching new products and disrupting industries, to increasing efficiency and decreasing costs.

Read this infographic to learn more about CDOs.

The New Role Of CDO [Infographic] 1


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