Smart businesses know that charitable work and contributions aren’t just for nonprofits; any kind of company can participate in generosity and community support. From financial contributions to inclusive work environments, community involvement not only strengthens the reputation of a company, but is also an ethical and economic responsibility.

In 2016, the United States 2016 corporate donations amounted to $18.55 billion through corporate donation programs. Fostering a sense of generosity, businesses contribute to charitable organizations directly while also encouraging employees to get involved through corporate programs and policies. General Electric offers one of the longest running matching gift programs for employee charitable donations. Created in 1954, the program provides a 1:1 donation match of employees donations to charitable foundations of their choice and has matched more than $36 million since.

See this infographic below for more on the state of corporate donations and their impacts in surrounding communities and the world. How does your company step up?

Corporate Responsibility: How Does Your Company Measure Up? 1


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